The Buttons

The secret agent known only as code name Alpha Delta  2  stormed into the room throwing the file down on the table in front of the man.  His huge hands slammed into the table creating cracks in it,  his immaculate black suit partially hid him in the dark, dingy interrogation room. He stared deep into the man’s eyes with his own cold, dead eyes and snarled “My name is unimportant I work for the N.I.N.J.A  Division, but I know every detail of your small pitiful life, your family, your employer and all the men under you, Tell my where the buttons are hidden!” 
The man slowly raised his head, his eyes held a burning fire, the likes of which the agent had never seen before, he turned his stormy glare upon the now terrified agent and proclaimed in a hoarse and strangely calm voice “You will never find the location, I am trained in every method of anti- interrogation and by the time you have broken me the cargo will be gone for ever.  You will never have the secret of the CHOCOLATE BUTTONS.”


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