The stolen pearls part 2

As I stepped in I drew in my breath and stood rooted to the spot for the hill was not at all what I had expected – in fact it was beautifully clean and tidy. Indeed I think it was the cleanest and the tidiest place I have ever seen or could ever wish to see. I stood at the door drinking it all in until my little brother pushed past me and broke through my reverie.

All around the house were little gas lamps in little niches in the walls and on the table.  On the window were decorative saucers with little shepherds and shepherdesses and on a table there was an old phone which was the only electrical thing in the entire house. Above the fire place was a pair of fencing sabers crossed at the hilt. These were a source of great interest for my brother who immediately began making up wild stories involving these objects whilst I searched around for the bed rooms.  This took me some time as although I searched everywhere I could not find the beds anywhere and was just about to give up when I saw a strangely shaped wall that seemed too big and hollow to truly be the pair of cupboards which it looked like on the front, so I opened one and inside was the snuggest and warmest little bed I have ever seen. The same could be said for the other and it was thus that we found our little beds.

That night we turned in early fantasizing about what we would do on the morrow.


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