Th stolen Pearls part 2

I feel at this point compelled to say a few words about myself, my name is Scott I have a younger brother called Tim who can be very annoying but I would never be without him. We live in a medium sized house of the old Tudor style, not far from the factory with our parents and our butler who we call Smithers.

 In the afternoons after we have eaten we usually play chess by the fire and it was on one of these evenings when our father suggested the most pleasing idea.We were to go and see our grandfather whom we had not seen for 5 years. As I say we were most pleased and immediately went to pack. We were to go by carriage and were told that our grandfather would not be there but would have a meal cooked for us.

As we pulled up we were most surprised as he  Smithers) stopped outside some woods and told my brother and I to go in to the woods where upon we would find a queer looking place like no other, that was how we were to know we had arrived.


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